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I began my career ‘on the boards’ and have many years’ experience in theatre involving all performance arts. I also taught speech, drama, dance and mime to a wide range of age groups. I then moved in to training consultancy, working with individuals and at organisational level.

It has seemed to be a natural progression to learn and develop therapy skills. During the last few years I have trained as a massage therapist, leading on to the specialisms of MLD. I also trained as a NLP Practitioner and Clinical and Analytical Hypnotherapist.

Over the past 6 years I have added to my skill base. I studied for a Diploma with the National Centre for Eating Disorders, and offer one-to-one therapy on an individual basis, helping with all forms of eating distress and problems with body image.


I also further developed my spiritual self, and qualified as a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner. This has been particularly useful in Sarajevo, where I first travelled in 2010 with the Healing Hands Network. HHN was set up to send volunteer care professionals to disaster spots around the world and offer hands-on healing and therapy to victims of war.

For the future – I continue to attend 2-yearly reviews for Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). I have also recently attended a 3-day workshop ‘Understanding our Connective Tissue System’ to enhance my MLD practice. I am now a Tripudio exercise instructor, which enables better movement for problem joints and conditions.

I see all these skills as a powerful combination to help people release creative potential for positive change, to relieve stress and bring fulfilment and balance to everyday life.

Mary Goodfellow

Mary Goodfellow

The cure of the part should not be treated without treatment of the whole. Plato

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