“Lovely voice – very soothing. Good explanation of exercises and reason why we are doing them.”

“Mary has a nice calm manner and puts everyone at ease. A lovely class – I knew what to expect and it met my expectations relating to tempo and strenuousness.”

“I hadn’t expected my mood to be so light after the class – I don’t know if this is an expected effect by its a lovely additional benefit.”

Tripudio – Lovely voice

“Great music – fits the exercises well.”

“Felt energised, refreshed and relaxed. I didn’t realise that such small movements could produce such a great result. I feel thoroughly stretched, warmed up and revitalised.”

“Mary has a lovely manner, as well as being very professional.”

Tripudio – Great music

“I was made to feel at ease. The process explained so I had an understanding of what to expect. Mary’s voice was excellent and just the right tone and tempo to take me through the exercises.

Tripudio – Mary’s voice was excellent

“Thank you so much for having helped me tremendously this year. My life has changed for the better since I first came.”

Reiki – Helped me tremendously

“My sessions with Mary have become invaluable to me over the last few months. I feel as though I have been lifted out of darkness and taught how to see the light again.”

Reiki – Lifted out of darkness

“Hello there – just wanted to let you know that everything was going well. Few ups and downs… So, apologies for the ramble, but it all came flooding out in one go – you’ve played a big part in my being able to do this and especially in my not being completely crushed by the first negative feedback. I had so many reasons put aside to give up if the going got touch and it has got tough but I haven’t given in! Do you remember the me that turned up and cried for most of our first session and one of my goals was to smile??? Big pat on the back for you and I!!”

Reiki – Hello there

“Very informative. it was really interesting to gain some knowledge of the basics of how the lymphatic system and fascia work.”

Tripudio – Very informative

“Thanks so much for all the help you gave me anytime I came to you in great pain. I felt less frightened in those days as you looked after me professionally and also had kind words. I hope we we’ll remain in touch.”

Reiki – Thanks so much

“I was quite anxious about being hypnotised as I’m a self confessed control freak!! – but soon started to enjoy the feeling of being deeply relaxed. That feeling of deep relaxation has stayed with me and I use the techniques shown to me in the sessions to help myself get to sleep. I have become less anxious, less critical of myself and stress related stomach cramps have stopped. I also have less negative thoughts. My goal was to feel happy, lucky and relaxed and I am pleased to say I feel all these! The whole experience was very enjoyable and I felt in safe and capable hands. It’s one of the best things I have ever done. Thanks Mary!”

Hypnotherapy – Rachel Parks

“I have just received my ninth session of Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy from Mary. When I first visited Mary with breast oedema in April (2010) I was in quite low spirits not only from the discomfort of the condition itself but I felt self-conscious about it. Although I had heard of oedema I was not completely sure why it had developed in me, however Mary made me feel completely at ease and took time to explain how the condition occurs and explained about the lymphatic system which I found very useful.

MLD – Christine R

“Thank you so much Mary for a wonderfully soothing, calming and relaxing session. Your gentle and sensitive approach was really appreciated, particularly as I was feeling so low. The session not only helped lift my mood and sense of self, but also the scar tissue that you worked on, lost it’s ‘angry redness’. I felt a lot of tingling in the scar area which helped ease the sense of ‘deadness’ in the area and gave me hope that at least some sensation had returned. Many many thanks.”

MLD – Debbie Prime

“Mary is my ‘saviour’. I came to see her after major knee surgery – 2 replacements done at one go!! My legs and ankles were very swollen indeed. I was rather low thinking that that was how they would stay. However after only 2 treatments they were back to pre-op size and after 4 they were virtually normal! I cannot express how grateful I am to Mary for her skill and care and sensitive approach. She also kindly took the trouble to find me some relevant books to read and also produced some exercise sheets so that I can continue the good work on my own in between treatments. Thank you Mary – you are a ‘special’ lady.”

MLD – Mary is my ‘saviour’